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Jay is a together, young, good looking, successful, playboy type business man with a lot going for him.

When he meets Vivian he’s just looking for his next score but they really hit if off and things get hot and steamy.

She’s sexy, fun, outgoing, uninhibited and willing to try anything.

Jay thinks he has made the ultimate conquest. That is until her secret wild side starts to get out of control.

She’s the type of woman who cruises through life living carefree, partying, getting by on her looks, taking advantage of men and using sex to get what she wants.

And her desire for drugs, action and easy money only complicates things more.

She really loves Jay but can’t escape her wild life.

She goes from making love in the park with Jay to smoking gonga on the beach in Jamaica with a Dread locked Drug dealer to pleasuring herself in a Jamaican prison and back to Jay.

Finally one of her ex lovers looses his mind and comes after her with a gun

The book is also the subject of the upcoming film of the same name.

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