Rodney Jackson aka Kamal was born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. He was a hustler since day one. He's dabbled in everything from street corner hustling to Real Estate. He first picked up a mic back in the early 80's, but  never took it seriously. He never knew back then that Hip Hop would be what it is today. Some of his early influences were Jimmy Spicer (Super Rhymes), Kurtis Blow, Parliament, Prince, Stevie Wonder and more recently LL, Jay-Z, Nas and Snoop.  After high school he went into the Air Force, served his country and did some traveling. When he got out he started a career in the corporate world because he has always been business minded. He traveled to many parts of the world and got a lot of experience in life. In about 1989 he became interested in acting. Since then he’s had parts in numerous independent films, TV shows and videos.   In about 1994 the mic and the entertainment business started calling, but at that time he was busy laying down the foundation for his Real Estate investment company RJ Block Properties.   Now that he's fully established in the Real Estate game with a portfolio of income properties in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and  Florida, he’s on a mission to be the next major figure in the entertainment world to come out of Jersey.  He just completed an indie film Last Rites of the Dead and he has a lead role in the upcoming film Down on Your Luck which is currently filming.  Expect to see major things from Kamal in the near future.